The Federation of Badminton Clubs is proud to present to you FBCs Pursuit of Excellence Sponsorship for 2015. FBC’s Pursuit of Excellence Athlete Development funding is an annual program that sponsors outstanding athletes who are pursuing excellence in the sport of badminton. The purpose of the program is to create great linkage between the sport governance body, clubs and the athletes.

FBC Pursuit of Excellence funding: $5,000 Athlete Sponsorship 2015

  • FBC Athlete of the Year Sponsorship $1000 x 2 (one male, one female)
  • FBC Outstanding Achievement Sponsorship $500 x 6 (3 males, 3 female)

To qualify for an athlete must have the following:

  • Must be under 19 years of age (born in 1997 or later)
  • Must rank Top 20 on Ontario Junior Ranking System (15-Dec-2015 document) or higher
  • Must attend 3 FBC HP Sparring Nights on Thursday at the Pan AM Centre
  • Proof of Overall Grade of 75% in 2015-2016  Academic Year
  • Proof of Membership from 2015-2016 of an Affiliated FBC Club
  • 500 Word Essay on Why you deserve this Scholarship Award and how it will contribute to your Goals

For all applications,

  • The total annual sponsorship shall be approved by the FBC Board of Directors annually
  • Selection is based on cumulative total (Ranking weights 40%, Academic weights 30%, HP Sparring Program Participation 20%, Essay weights 10%)
  • The High Performance Sponsorship committee consists of 5 FBC Directors shall be formed to select the recipients and review/update selection criteria
  • Recipients and the club’s president will be notified that they will be receiving award. FBC will issue a news release once all of the recipients have been notified.

Deadline for Application March 31, 2016. Awards Recipients will be announced June 10, 2016.

To apply, email: programs@federationbadminton.com