2019 Spring Sunday Youth Training

Location: Bill Crothers Secondary

3rd floor, Gym C

44 Main Street, Unionville


Registration closed

FBC will offer EITHER a 10% sibling discount OR a 10% early bird discount (discounts CANNOT be combined)

  • Sibling discount eligibility: 1st participant full price, 10% discount if his/her sibling is registered at the same time – rebate provided after program starts.
  • Early bird 10% for payments received before Feb. 28 – rebate provided after program starts.

A $15 admin fee will be applied on any cancellation prior to the first class starting date.
After first day of class, NO REFUNDS OR PRORATION FOR ANY withdrawal or missed class.

Please note:  No confirmation Email will be sent out until payment is completed online

EMAIL QUESTIONS TO PROGRAMS@federationbadminton.com.

ProgramsTime: SundayBeginners/Intermediate: MemberBeginners/Intermediate: Non-MemberAdvanced: MemberAdvanced: Non-Member
Session 12:00–4:00 pm
(2 hrs )
Session 24:00–6:00 pm
(2 hrs )
Lesson #Spring 2019
Lesson 12019-03-24
Lesson 22019-03-31
Lesson 32019-04-07
Lesson 42019-04-14
Lesson 52019-04-21
Lesson 62019-04-28
Lesson 72019-05-12
Lesson 82019-05-19
Lesson 92019-05-26
Lesson 102019-06-09
Beginner (5-13 years old)

Learn the basic fundamentals of badminton techniques and footwork from a badminton professional coach. This program is for students with little knowledge of badminton basics. The program introduces basic grip positioning, footwork, basics of each badminton shots, serving, and game rules.

Intermediate (10-17 years old)

For students who are able to serve, clear and return consistently. The Intermediate program will build on a foundation of badminton techniques. Students will explore more dimensional movement on the court, and learn how to target different areas on the court for variation of shots. Doubles techniques will be introduced to prepare players for further training.

Advanced (12-17 years old)

Once student has achieved basic, technical skills in doubles, they will find more challenges at the Advanced level of training. More in depth focus on footwork, agility, and consistency will be developed through match plays and consistency drills. Singles and doubles strategies will also be developed at this level to prepare players for competitive play.


Once registration is completed, please proceed to make payment online to reserve your spot. YDBA will send an email confirmation once payment is received.