YDBA League 2022-2023

Affiliated Clubs

Badminton 4 Fun

Location: St Augustine Catholic High School 2188 Rodick Rd, Markham, ON, L6C 1S3
Contact: John Lei
Email: aualtima@gmail.com

Badminton Lovers

Location: Bill Crother SS
Contact: carolswho99@hotmail.com

Battledore Badminton Training Academy

Club Website: www.battledorebadminton.com
Club location: 141 Tradevalley (Hwy 50 & Hwy 7)
Club Contact: iamterrencewu@hotmail.com
Club times: Daily. Training Sessions available.

Blue Sky Badminton Club

Location: Richmond Hill Trillium Woods PS (SW Yonge / Gamble), Moraine Hills PS (NW Yonge / Gamble) and Beynon Fields PS (Bathurst / Gamble, new FI school, Inspiration).
Contact: info@blueskybadmintonclub.com
Website: www.blueskybadmintonclub.com

Bujak Badminton Club

Club Info:Bujak Badminton Club is established by a group of young badminton enthusiasts, led by Deborah Tom. We currently offer 3 Training Programs and 3 Club Play Sessions at different locations across the town of Markham and GTA.
Club Contact: deborahktom@gmail.com
Club Website: www.bujakbadminton.com

C2 Badminton Club

C2 Badminton Club at Markham Toronto is a dedicated badminton club for member only. Our 9 premium court facility with a Lounge and Gym area and our facility has a 28″ ceiling heights. We are dedicated in providing our players with the best facilities, professional string services, training for badminton and a place to socialize with your friends.

Club Website: ccbadmintonclub.com
Contact: CC Badminton Club
1300 Rodick Road
Markham, Ontario, Canada Tel. (289) 818-2327 E.mail. info@badmintoncoaching.ca Hours:
Mon – Fri: 10:00 am – 12:00 am Sat: 09:00 am – 12:00 pm Sun: 09:00 am – 11:00 pm

Canada Elite Badminton & Sports Academy

Club Location :   177 Westcreek Drive, Vaughan,  Open Daily, Training programs available.

Club Contact :    info@elitebadminton.ca

Club Website :   www.elitebadminton.ca

Chen's Badminton

Club Contact: chensbc@gmail.com 
Club Location: Warden & Denison 
Club Website: http://www.chensbadmintonclub.com

E Badminton Club

Club Info:E Badminton Training Centre is an 18,000 sq. ft. professional badminton facility available to all badminton enthusiasts. The club offers 9 international tournament courts with floating wooden subfloor, LED court lightings, showers, fitness equipment, a players’ lounge with gaming consoles, pro-shop, and free parking. 
Club Website: www.e-badmintonclub.com 
Club location:Kennedy and 14th 
Club Contact: e.badminton@gmail.com 
Club times: Daily

KC Badminton Training Centre

Club Info: The KC Badminton Club (KCBC) is a dedicated badminton club for members only. Our Mission is to promote badminton within Ontario and Canada by developing players that will reach their full potential. 
Club Website: www.kcbadmintonclub.com 
Club contact: kcbctoronto@gmail.com 
Club location: Woodbine &14th

Lee's Badminton Training Centre

Club Website: www.leesbadminton.ca 
Club Contact: Website 
Club Location: HWY 7 & Woodbine Ave; Open Daily, Training programs available

LJB Badminton Club

Club Info: Happy to train players of all ages and levels including pure beginners. 
Club Website: http://ljbbadmintonclub.com/ 
Club Contact: coach@lokerbadminton.ca

Markham Badminton Club

Club info: Our goal is to provide a service to the community that is not widely available for the residents of the Town of Markham in terms of cost and accessibility. 
Club Website: www.markhambadminton.com 
Club contact: info@markhambadminton.com Club location: Various High School in Markham Club times: Saturday and Sunday

Markham East Badminton Club

Location:John McCrae PS / Donald Cousens PS Open: Mon, Wed, Fri Contact:416-729-4278

Ontario Badminton Academy

Club contact: williamwangcanada@gmail.com
Club location: 7400 Woodbine Ave (Woodbine & John St)
Club website: ontariobadmintonacademy.com
Training Programs Available; Open everyday


Paragon Badminton Academy

Club Location :   1300 Rodick Road, Markham , Training programs available.

Club Contact :    paragonacademy17@gmail.com

Club Website :   www.paragonbadmintonacademy.com

R6-8 Badminton Club

Club Contact: bsolee@hotmail.com
Club location: Milliken Mills High School
Club times:Thursday

Recreational BC

Club contact: rbc1982@yahoo.com 
Club Location: Bayview Secondary School

Raymond Wong Badminton Club

Club info: We at RW Badminton strive to achieve a learning environment that not only helps you improve, but is also enjoyable. 
Club Website: rwbadmintonclub.com 
Club Contact: info@rwbadmintonclub.com

Skymark Sports Association

Club contact: skymarksportsassociation@gmail.com
Club location: Markville HS & Middlefield CI
Club times: Wed & Fri

Su Badminton Club

Club info: Su Badminton Club was established in 2004. With all the support from community and badminton enthusiasts, the club has expanded its training facilities at various locations in Greater Toronto Area
Club Website: www.subadmintonclub.com 
Club contact: markham@subadmintonclub.com
Club location: Woodbine &14th
Club times: Daily

Suria Wong Badminton Club

Club info: Based in the Markham Ontario, Suria Badminton Centre caters to all ages and abilities, from the beginner to advanced level in a recreational or competitive environment. 
Club Website: www.suriabadmintoncentre.info 
Club contact: suria143@gmail.com
Club location:McIntosh Dr & Woodbine
Club times: McIntosh Dr & Woodbine

Thornlea Badminton Club

Club info: www.torontobadminton.com 
Club contact: cchow39@yahoo.com
Club location:Thornlea SS & Richmond Hill SS
Club times: Mon, Wed, Fri

Wilclay Badminton Club

Location: Wilclay Public School Time: Friday Evening

*To update your club’s information, please email: info@federationbadminton.com