Schedule – Recreational


Please complete the scoresheet in advance with your line up and hand in to the convenors 15 minutes prior to play. We have a lot of matches to get through. Your assistance and promptness will help us keep organized and on time!


Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your matches. We will be defaulting matches if players are more than 15 minutes late after their schedule start time.

2017-18 Playoffs schedule

(updated March 20)


Recreational Playoff Ladder

Ra1Jupp Ball
Ra2Shuttle Rocker
Ra3Goldhawk Badminton
Ra6Shuttle Masters
Ra7Smash That
Rb1Angry Birdies
Rb2Bendale Eagles
Rb3Badminton Lovers
Rb4MBC Lions
Rb5MBC TrueRec
Rb6I'd Smash that