YDBA Tournament Registration

The player hereby gives consent that any pictures and/or videos taken of him or her in connection with FBC can be used for publicity and promotion of the club and its affiliated events now or in the future.  The player waive and forgo his or her right and entitlement to receive any compensation in regard thereto.


The player bears the responsibility to assess and assume the risk of participating in The Federation of Badminton Clubs (FBC) events. Badminton is a sport that may involve voluntary and involuntary competition exposing participants to risk of serious injury (injury) and loss or damage direct or indirect, economic, personal or consequential (damage). The player acknowledges that the FBC, or its , Directors, Coaches, and Volunteers (FBC Staff) take no responsibility for injury or damage, risk of which is assumed solely by the player however caused, whether by tortious, deliberate or negligent conduct of the participant, spectators, bystanders, or FBC Staff.

The player further saves harmless and indemnifies FBC Staff from any claim for compensation for damage, including claims or suits arising from injury or damage suffered by the participant or other persons however caused. The player agrees to review and abide by the rules of the FBC.

Please email any questions to programs@federationbadminton.com.