Markham’s Mandarin Badminton Club hosted the 15.16 Badminton Ontario Adult Open Championship this past Sunday. A total of 33 athletes spent time vying for the win over the course of the ten hour tournament, with matches deemed both intense and exciting. With this past weekend’s youngest registrant born in 2001, and the oldest in 1959, the 15.16 Adult Open offered up a vast array of competition and experience.

The following is a summary of results:

WS: Olivia Lei (Su Badminton) defeated Katie Ho-Shue (E Badminton)

MS: Jason Ho-Shue (E Badminton) defeated Sankeerth Bagalur Rajanna (KCBC)

XD:  Olivia Lei & Adam Dong (Su Badminton) defeated Talia Ng & Victor Lu (E Badminton)

WD:  Olivia Lei (Su Badminton) & Yan Zhou (Mandarin) defeated Catherine Choi & Talia Ng (E Badminton)

MD:  Nicky Aung (Mandarin) & Adam Dong (Su Badminton) defeated Jason Ho-Shue & Jonathan Lai (E Badminton)


Notable results following the weekend’s Adult Open Championship include Triple Crown winner, Olivia Lei, of Su Badminton.

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