With close to 900 people in attendance over the course of the three-day event, the 2016 Yonex Toronto Senior Elite tournament has been declared a resounding success.

The tournament, which unfolded between January 8th–January 10th, 2016 at Humber College is one of a multitude of events within the National elite circuit. All winners, as well as matches leading up to the finals, have been posted for your convenience. The following is a complete Summary of Results:

  • WS: Michelle Li (Markham) defeated Rachel Honderich (Toronto) 21-12, 21-17
  • MS: Wenchao Shi (Markham) defeated Andrew D’Souza (Ottawa) 21-15, 21-10
  • WD: Rachel Honderich (Toronto) and Michelle Li (Markham) defeated Michelle Tong (Markham) and Josephine Wu (Edmonton) 21-9, 21-10
  • MD: Adam Dong (Mississauga) and Arief Ramadhan (Markham) defeated Kevin Li (Markham) and Nyl Yakura (Pickering) 25-23, 21-19
  • XD: Brittney Tam (Markham) and Nyl Yakura (Pickering) defeated Olivia Lei (Mississauga) and Adam Dong (Mississauga) 21-13, 18-21, 21-11

Men’s Doubles, often referred to as the showcase event in the sport, offered up one of the most thrilling finishes the 24-year running event has ever seen. The sheer pace and skill at this event was arguably second to none for spectators to witness over the course of the weekend. On Sunday, the final day of the tournament, the scores posted leading up to the gold medal match were too close to predict which team would emerge victorious. Ultimately, it was Adam Dong (Mississauga) and Arief Ramadhan (Markham) who defeated Kevin Li (Markham) and Nyl Yakura (Pickering).

The 2016 Yonex Toronto Senior Elite tournament saw the likes of Olympian Michelle Li (Markham) emerge as one of the weekend’s champions in separate events on the court. Reigning Commonwealth Games Champion, Li spoke about the tournament, formerly referred to as the Toronto Open, before any of her matches had begun.

“The Toronto Open is definitely one of the most interesting tournaments in all of Canada, because there are always a lot of international players here. An ideal situation would obviously be to win, but also to have some fun out there.”

Li, this weekend’s champion in Women’s Singles and in Women’s Doubles, where she was teamed with Rachel Honderich (Toronto), was clearly able to accomplish all of the goals she had set out for herself during this particular tournament.

It was, indeed, a packed house with many of Canada’s most elite athletes representing not only Ontario, but also Alberta and Quebec. Most board members from both Badminton Ontario and Badminton Canada in attendance, and were bleachers packed with fans and spectators.

Badminton Ontario (BON) is a not for profit amateur sport organization responsible for badminton within the province of Ontario. Badminton Ontario’s vision is to connect with all athletes participating in badminton in Ontario, inspire athletes to cherish badminton and establish it as their sport for life.



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