OWG Opportunities

The 2020 Ontario Winter Games will be held Feb. 27 – March 1st, 2020 in Orillia, Ontario.

The York District Badminton Association is looking for one Coach and one Manager to lead their team at the 2020 Ontario Winter Games.  Please note that all OWG coaches must be NCCP Level II or equivalent certified. All positions will receive honorariums.



  • Will be in charge of the required practice and training of the York District teams in preparation of the 2020 Ontario Winter Games
  • Ability to lead a team of twelve (five U19 boys, five U19 girls + 1 sub each) competitive athletes in team competition
  • Will attend the OWG team try-out Tournament and the Ontario Winter Games (first weekend in November)



  • Responsible for the organization and general administrative duties required in preparing for the 2020 OWG
  • Must work closely with the coach, athletes, and YDBA executives
  • Managerial experience and knowledge of the sport of badminton would be beneficial
  • Manager will be provided with a budget and must work closely with the YDBA executives for all expenditures


Application Information

Should you be interested in any of these positions, please send a resume and cover letter detailing your related credentials and experience for the position you are applying for. If you are applying for the position of coach you must be NCCP Level II. 


Send applications to: Pandy Chan

York District Badminton Association

18 Grandlea Cres.

Markham, ON

L3S 3V3

or Email: President@federationbadminton.com


(Divide up the tasks as suits them best although a logical division is provided at the end)

(1) Familiarity with all rules/regulations of the OWG, from OWG Website/BOn Co-coordinator

(2) Review the detailed Budget in consultation with the YDBA Treasurer and the YDBA OWG Coordinator.

Budget includes at least the following:


  • OWG Entrance Fees
  • Selection Tournament
  • Team practices
  • Team training matches
  • Alternates Officiating Course and training
  • Uniforms
  • Transport, to/from the OWG site
  • Sundries e.g. nutrition at the games
  • Honorariums


  • From Try-out Tournament
  • Sponsor(s)

(3) Assist with the Team Selection Tournament (in conjunction with the YDBA Co-coordinator)

  • Locate and book a venue
  • Advertise place, dates, times, format
  • Provide shuttles
  • Provide Official/Referee
  • Use a suitable tournament format which identifies the ranking of all of the participants
  • Review the “Appeals” Policy and Appeals Panel in place with the YDBA Executive
  • Preferably have all parents as well as players attend a meeting at the beginning of the Team Selection Tournament to indicate exactly what the obligation of players/alternates (and parents) will be with respect to participation in the OWG.

(4) Select Team

  • With a sensible geographic division (as far as possible) relative to driving to practices and practice matches i.e. members of same family, same club, existing partnerships, etc. might need to be considered

(5) Select “Alternates”

Ensure they really understand their role:

  1. to go to all practices/practice matches/the games, and to be ready to substitute as a “player” if a team member has to withdraw for some reason

(6) An Initial Team/Alternates Meeting with all parents and with participants’ ”home” Coaches if they wish to attend in order for the OWG Coach/Managerto go through the entire “plan” and all the paperwork (filling in OWG forms, medicals, etc.), provide a handout schedule of practices, practice matches, costs, extra money, travel/transport plans, accommodation location/room allocation; meal plans, extra food, uniforms, etc.

(7) Arrange and run practices for team and designated alternates.

(8) Arrange and run practice matches against clubs, etc.

(9) Arrange/buy uniforms, (possibly consider getting one set for all 14 Toronto people in an attempt to attain a volume price discount)

(10) Arrange transport to/from the Games for all 14 participants, preferably by using parent volunteers

(11) Submit all invoices/receipts to the YDBA Treasurer with comments re:  any variance from budget

(12) Provide a final reconciliation of costs/income versus budget, with comments on any variance

(13) Prepare a Report on the activities leading up to the Games and on the Games themselves, together with “Lessons Learned” analysis to help future YDBA Coaches/Managers.


(A) Coach:

  • Team Selection Tournament, Sunday, November 3
  • Team Selection
  • Practices, 4-5 flexible dates
  • Practice matches
  • Account for all shuttles used
  • Provide a report to YDBA as Coach on the Team preparation/performance at the Games with suggestions for future games.

(B) Manager:

  • It is very important that the manager corresponds with the YDBA executive on a regular basis about all matters concerning the OWG leading up to the actual games themselves
  • All correspondence/communication with the BOn’s OWG  “PERSON”
  • Budget
  • Locate Sponsor(s)
  • Organize initial Meeting with all Team Members, Alternates, Parents, “home” coaches, etc.
  • Uniforms
  • Transport to/from Games, Georgian College Feb. 27-March 1
  • Invoices/Expenses, before, during, after the Games
  • All paperwork for the Games – registration/medical
  • Keeping “everyone” e.g. (players, alternates, parents, “home” coaches, YDBA Executive, etc. informed)
  • Ensuring all team, alternates (officials), coach, manager stay at the same housing at the Games
  • Provide extra drinks/food at the Games
  • Reconciliation of budget/actual expenditures
  • Provide a report to YDBA as Manager on the Games with suggestions for future games